The One-O-One Group

Partner Brands

Fergusons Bakery


Ferguson’s Bakery provides quality bakery products to the local community in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire on the West Coast of Scotland. We produce a large and varied collection of bakery products using only the best local produce.



Fords Bakery


Fords The Bakers is an Edinburgh-based business delivering fresh morning rolls, cakes, bread and savoury products to shops and supermarkets across the city and outlying areas. We are proud to be a family run business, serviceing our local community.



Lamond The Baker


Lamond The Baker is a family-run enterprise based in Kilmarnock. We bake a wide range of delicious cakes and treats, as well as scones, savoury snacks, bread and the famous Scottish morning roll.



Wallace Family Bakers


Wallace Family Bakers is a Dundee-based, local bakery delivering fresh produce across the city and outlying areas daily. We produce the whole range of bakery products including: Morning Rolls, Sliced Morning Rolls, Pre Packed Rolls, Dolly Crispy/Floury Rolls, Finger Rolls, Baguettes, Rustic Baguette, White Dinner Rolls, Brown Dinner Rolls, White Dinner Knots, Fibre Malt, Brown Baguettes, Rice Rolls, Pre Pack Crispy, Cut Brown Rolls, Butteries, and Dark Rolls.



Kerrs Bakery


Kerrs Bakery Ltd was founded by Karen Murray, with some start up help from the Princes Scottish Youth Business Youth Trust, to manufacture Caramel Cake. From its small beginnings in Armadale, West Lothian it has become one of the main producers of Caramel Cake in Scotland from its base in Lanarkshire.



Just: Gluten Free Bakery


Our journey started about 10 years ago, when the first gluten free bakery products appeared on the shelves everywhere. They were long shelf life products, very innovative for the time but let's be Just about it... they had a long way to go to look and taste like a real bread!