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Glasgow baker's delight as new Extra Special Donuts launch at Asda stores


Gender Equality


  • McGhee's Family Bakery to supply three exclusive new lines
  • Extra Special products to be stocked at 579 Asda stores across the UK, including every store in Scotland


McGhee's Family Bakery, which was founded in Maryhill in 1936, has created a new range of American Style donuts that will be stocked at Asda stores in Scotland, England and Wales under the supermarket's 'Extra Special' range.


It's the first time Asda has sold donuts in its premium Extra Special range and they will be stocked in 579 Asda stores from this week with three lines—Salted Caramel; Raspberry and White Chocolate; and, Chocolate Indulgence.


The hand-finished, hand-filled and hand-decorated ball donuts are sold boxed, priced at £1.50 for a box of two.


They will provide customers with a great quality, value alternative to similar products on offer from at the popular American high-street donut chains.


The new doughnuts were developed with assistance from Bakery consultant Mich Turner MBE, an ambassador for the Scottish Baker's Association.


Mich Turner, comments: "I am delighted to assist both McGhee's and Asda to bring these hand-crafted, extra special doughnuts to the market—as an affordable treat."


Founded in 1936 by Dugald McGhee at the original bakehouse in Oran Street, Maryhill, Glasgow, McGhee's Family Bakery grew by servicing the local shops and market with a range of freshly baked morning rolls, tea-bread & savoury products.


Today it bakes products that are supplied to businesses across Scotland and is based at state-of-the-art premises at the M8 food park in June 2005, where they now operate out of possibly the most efficient bakery production unit in Britain.


McGhee's was also crowned Scottish Baker of the Year in 2016/17.


Gordon McGhee, Managing Director of McGhee's, said "We are excited to combine our hand craft skills and unrivalled baking heritage to create these extra special donuts exclusively for Asda."


Heather Turnbull, Asda's regional buying manager for Scotland, said: "We are very excited about our new Extra Special donuts, which look gorgeous and taste scrumptious, so I know our customers will love them.


"We are also super proud of the fact that they are made here in Scotland, by one of the best bakeries around, and will be enjoyed by customers up and down the entire UK because they are listed nationally. This is testament to the quality and we are really excited to see how they perform in stores with a premium quality American-style donut now available at Asda's famous low prices."


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McGhee's News April 2019

Executive Summary


Gender Equality


McGhee's Group - Gender Pay Reporting 2018

The McGhee Group is a fourth generation, family owned bakery, which believes that equality and fair treatment of all staff, is one of the cornerstones of a successful business. We welcome the new Gender Pay Reporting Regulations, and have prepared our Gender Pay Report in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 which shows:

- A mean gender pay gap of 6.0%, compared to a UK average of c18%
- A median gender pay gap of -0.9%
- A mean bonus gender pay gap of 1.6%
- A median bonus gender pay gap of 0%
- A bonus payment was received by 73.7% of females and 65.6% of males
- Below are the quartile figures showing the percentage of each gender in each quartile pay band:

pay gap table


I hereby confirm that the information provided in this report is accurate

Gordon McGhee
Group Managing Director


McGhees has been a family bakery since 1935, and since then has grown to become one of the largest independently owned bakers and wholesalers of bakery and morning goods in Scotland.

Throughout our history, and never more so than today, our success is dependent upon the quality of our staff, and cultivating an environment of being part of the McGhee family.

We have many employees with more than 10 years service, and this historical position, along with the nature of traditionally male dominated manufacturing and driving roles, has resulted in 80% of the total workforce being male, with 20% female. The long standing nature of these employees has contributed to the mean gender pay gap that we see today, which we recognise and endeavour to improve upon.

While equal pay is a different issue from the wider concept of gender mix throughout an organisation, McGhee's employees doing the same job, with the same responsibilities, are paid the same, irrespective of gender or ethnicity.



McGhee's News January 2019

McGhee's #donutwall


Donuts Anytime


McGhee's #donutwall

McGhee's teamed up with our pals over at Clyde 1 for you and your workplace to have the chance win 80 delicious McGhee's donuts. Tune in to Bowie@Breakfast just after 9am to play the Workplace Wall of Fame. There's 30 seconds on the clock for you to name as many things related to the chosen subject. To be in with the chance to win call 0141 951 1025.

You can also hire out our donut wall for special occasions by getting in touch with our sales team on 0141 331 4545 or