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McGhee's News November 2012

Centenary Club Visit


Centenary Club Visit.


On 10th October we had a visit by Scottish Bakers Centenary Club for a factory tour and hospitality. Hosted by Gordon McGhee as MD of McGhee Group and President of Scottish Bakers. Gordon was supported by his co-directors Ian and Stuart McGhee and Gordon and Ian's father Calder attended with the club group. The guests were given refreshments on arrival, followed by a brief presentation by Gordon and a tour of the bakery.


Centenary Club Visit.


Alan Clarke and Anna Drogon also attended as representatives of Scottish Bakers, and contributed to the presentation and hosting of the event.


The Centenary Club was founded in 1990/91, and its membership is drawn from retirees with an association with the bakery industry. The Club's aims and objectives are to foster and carry on the fellowship the retirees enjoyed whilst working in the industry. The membership is divided into three geographic sectors - North, East & West, with each sector conducting three or four meetings per annum. There is an annual collective meeting where all sectors attend.


Centenary Club Visit.



McGhee's News November 2012

Oktoberfest Event


Oktoberfest Event.


Inspired by a recent business trip to Munich in Germany to attend the global bakery industry event organised by IBA every 3 years, McGhees hosted an evening's entertainment at the Oktoberfest event presented by Glasgow's West Brewery located in the classical architecture of the Doges Palace former Templeton Carpet Factory at Glasgow Green.


Attended by McGhee's Board and Management Team with guests from suppliers, business associates and friends, the company enjoyed an evening of traditional German dining washed down with ample quantities of the full spectrum of West Brew's finest produce! Dinner was accompanied by music from a traditional German oompah band, and served by West staff wearing traditional Bavarian costumes.


West Brew produce a range of beers including Munich Red and St Mungo lager in the East side of Glasgow to the strict traditional German 'Reinheitsgebot' purity laws.


All present had an enjoyable evening with a few worthies reporting for duty rather the worse for wear the following morning!



McGhee's News July 2012

2012 Presidential Tour of Bakeries



Mr Gordon McGhee recently visited bakeries in Ireland and Lille, France with his visit to Ireland as part of the 2012 Presidential Tour. The tour lasted 3 days from June 5th–8th with visits to 7 bakeries in many parts of Ireland including Galway, Portadown, Tipperary, Drogheda and Wexford. Gordon was joined on the tour by the Chief Executive of Scottish Bakers Alan Clarke, Lewis Maclean, the former president of Scottish Bakers, President of the National Association of Master Bakers Christopher Freeman and RK Niall Irwin, the President of IAMB.



McGhee's News June 2012

British Confectioners Association


British Confectioners Association


Members of the British Confectioners Association visit McGhee's bakery


McGhees had a visit by a party of around 50 members of the British Confectioners Association ( on Wednesday this week for a tour of the bakery and 2 other Glasgow bakery businesses (PARS and McPhies).


The members were from all over the UK and were in Glasgow for 2 days during which presentations were made by the host bakeries, and a mix of traditional and contemporary Glasgow hospitality was enjoyed at the Radisson Hotel, Jules Café, The Horseshoe Bar and Rogano restaurant.


Fortunately, the weather was kind and many favourable comments were received from the members living South of the border. All present were left with an impression of Glasgow as a modern, vibrant city that is home to some very progressive and successful bakery businesses.


In a thank you note to Ian McGhee, Christien Jones Director of The Village Bakery (Wrexham) Ltd said; “thank you for taking the time to show us around your bakery and share your information with us, it was an education and inspiration. You have a fantastic business with a great team, and it is the most interesting visit I have done with the BCA”.